How do we make Organic Pizza?


Oregano Pizzeria has created a niche in Mumbai by providing organic pizzas with organic multigrain crust, organic veggies & herbs, premium & imported cheeses – everything made fresh everyday. Oregano Pizzeria has been created out of passion for good and healthy food. We follow a simple philosophy – We are what we eat. Hence, providing good healthy organic alternative to greasy conveyor food and changing the concept of delivery and take away business from “junk food” to “healthy food”.

Organic Multigrain Crust

We use organic wholegrain flours of 10 different types (oats, soya, brown rice, ragi, jowar, amaranth, sattu, corn, flax and wheat) to make our unique organic multigrain crust. Whole grains, in simple words are entire seed of a plant. By consuming the ‘entire seed’, we get the complete nutrition as the bran protects the inner nourishment of the grain. This gets stripped in the refined, processed flours that are used in most commercial pizzas. Our flavourful crust incorporates fine extra virgin olive oil exactly the way authentic Italian pizzas are made. Our Alfredo sauces are actually made from this same organic multigrain flour, instead of maida.

Organic Veggies

According to a study, organic tomatoes are produced in an environment that has a lower nutrient supply since chemical fertilizers are not added. This leads to an excessive formation of antioxidants in organic tomatoes. As we all know, antioxidants are good for health and help in reducing heart disease and chances of developing cancer. Our Homemade Pizza sauce, Marinara sauce and toppings use organic tomatoes. This is just one example. Similarly all the organic veggies and herbs that we use in our different preparations have various nutritious benefits, as they all are grown organically.

Premium, Imported Cheeses

We are talking about real, natural cheese, made from higher quality milk from happy, grass-fed cows, rather than those raised on grain or corn peels. Natural, unprocessed, chemical-free cheese is good. It packs a lot of nutrients that our body needs like calcium, protein and other minerals. What scares people most about cheese is that it will make us fat. The answer to this may sound clichéd but true – eat in moderation. Our bodies need fat, not too much, but we do need it. Fat gives energy and it is required for healthy hair and skin, protecting our vital body organs and so on. Another myth busted about cheese – Cheese is good for our teeth! Yes, it may sound unbelievable but it is true. We all know dairy foods contain calcium and our teeth and bones are made from calcium.

Everything Fresh

Not only do we use organic ingredients we also make all the ingredients in house, instead of buying them in big packs from wholesaler. We roast our chicken, we caramelize our red onions, all our sauces are home made, all the veggies are grilled and roasted by our chefs… every single thing is freshly hand made on daily basis!!!

So when you tuck into one of our mouth-watering organic pizzas, you’ll know that the burst of flavour you experience is purely as nature intended it.