About Us

We are what we eat.

Our health depends on how we take care of our body. We are usually careful about what we eat at home. Why should it be any different while eating out or ordering food? We eat out to have a good time. Then why do we often end up punishing our body for it?

Thus, we decided to make eating out a pleasurable experience for our vital organs, without compromising on taste. For the first time, we have revolutionised one of the most popular foods – PIZZA into a healthy wholesome meal. How do we do that?

Our mission is to sustain high level of integrity in all we do, from the quality of our food to our care for the health and happiness of our customers.

Oregano Pizzeria operates on the belief that social responsibility is just as important as profitability. Where some businesses cut corners for their own benefit, Oregano Pizzeria goes the extra mile to do the best thing for everyone – the customer, the employee, the partner and the business owner.

It’s all about quality. For instance, instead of using conventional ingredients that are cheaper to purchase and unhealthy for the customer, we pay a little more to use quality organic ingredients that are both healthier and tastier. It means when you walk into Oregano Pizzeria (or order from us), you can expect a superior experience because everything, from the quality of our food to the way we do business, has been designed in the best interest of you.

We start by sourcing organic whole grain flours for our multi-grain (10 whole grains flours, to be precise) thin-crust, the dough for which is made by hand. Our Marinara / Pizza Sauce is made fresh using only Organic Tomatoes, also Only Fresh Organic vegetables are used for our toppings and imported cheeses follow this. All our sauces and dough are free from preservatives or additives. We do not add any chemicals or taste enhancers. So you can taste the real flavour of real food. We assure you will always feel pleased.

In our clean open kitchen, you can see how our friendly staff is cooking for you in the same way you would cook for yourself. When we receive your order, we begin rolling the pizza dough, spread the sauce, sprinkle the cheese, spread the toppings, and garnish with fresh herbs. This way you can savour the fresh crunch of the crust, taste each ingredient in the toppings and enjoy the delicious taste that is a result of each of Oregano’s Organic Pizzas.

While you might see Oregano Pizzeria as a fun place to eat delicious food, we also see ourselves as contributor to the transition to a healthier society.